Ever since I have been accepted to the school’s rock band “Labyrinth? I have never hesitated: whether it be participating in class and asserting my thoughts and beliefs, or it be obtaining the permission from teachers to use the band room. In other words, I have a principle that states: “He who hesitates is lost?

Now this definitely does not mean that I do reckless things without considering the consequences. I mean to do things that I believe is right and just with zeal and without reluctance. I do have strict rules that I follow when guiding my actions ?I must not hurt anyone and must pay respect to the elders. I strongly believe that these two rules and my zeal are an idea that must be passed down to the next generation.

Like I have stated before, I have been this way only since I started playing the drum. Before, during middle school, I was always hesitant, never confident, and never had the courage to stand out from the crowd: I was the “yes-man?who always went with the flow, never sticking out, never stating an opinion. My sudden change in approach to the world could be traced back to my learning to play the drum- or more precisely, to the feeling I felt for a girl I met during end of 9th grade.

Ever since I met this girl, I knew deep in my mind that I had to approach her and talk to her, but it was not easy thanks to my “yellow- bellied?characteristics. Just like every other love story, I gathered the courage, for the first time in my life, and skipped a class to wait for her before the gates of her middle school. When I finally met her, however, I failed to ask her out; but I did get to tell her that she should apply for CSIA (for she was in 8th at that time). Right after telling her this, I went on and signed myself up for a drum class, for I wanted to impress her when she got accepted to CSIA and saw me there.

A year and a half afterwards, after passing the audition for “Labyrinth? I was on the plane to a foreign country named Turkmenistan to represent Korea and participate in an international festival by playing rock version of the Korean National Anthem and Arirang. On the plane, I reclined back in my seat and submerged myself in a deep pensive. Had I hesitated to skip a class that day, had I hesitated to approach her that day, had I hesitated to finally break free from the ersatz cycle of life, I would not have been on that plane that very moment to represent my nation with my talent. That moment, I set my principle for life: “He who hesitates is lost?

Moliere once said, “All the ills of mankind, and all the tragic misfortunes that fill the history books, all the political blunders, all the failures of the great leaders have arisen merely from a lack of skill at dancing? My principles do not differ greatly from his point of view: should the leaders hesitate in learning how to dance, many blunders shall occur from it. Although not completely the same, the concept somewhat resonates. For a leader to know humility and accept every chance with certain zeal is what true leader should be like.


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